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Terms and conditions for SI FM FanSite Empty Terms and conditions for SI FM FanSite

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All our affiliate sites will be required to adhere to the following terms and conditions. We think they’re very reasonable, consider them more as guidelines that should help promote a friendlier, more harmonious community.

  1. The content found on the site must concentrate solely on the Football Manager and Football Manager Live titles and speak about the Football Manager game series.
  2. Sites must be updated on a regular basis.

We realise that for any site there are busy times and downtimes. We just want to see sites active on a regular basis; this can be in the form of mainsite articles, provision of downloads or forum activity.

  3. The site cannot contain or link to content which violates or encourages violating the terms of use of any of the titles in the Football Manager series.

This line is a legal requirement. It’s not something we expect to be a problem but it is our obligation to be make these things clear. It absolutely does not refer to the ‘bad mouthing’ of SEGA or SI.
Violating the terms of use would include hosting any pirated content or links that promote piracy. It also includes any content or links to content that violates the conditions of Non Disclosure Agreements. Violating these terms would have serious consequences.

  4. Do not host articles or content produced by other Football Manager fansites without the prior consent of the original content owner. Where consent is given, you must provide full accreditation and links back to the original content owner. Failure to do so could lead to legal action being taken against you.
  5. You are not allowed to copy whole pages from the Football Manager website verbatim, although reasonable use of material from the site with clear reference to the copyright being held by SEGA / Sports Interactive is acceptable.

You can of course still post the latest news on patches, new game, features etc. Just please make sure to reference where the info was taken from.

  6. The site must not charge users for ANY of its content. You are permitted to accept donations from users but this must be entirely at the individuals own discretion.
  7. All sites should carry the following disclaimer:

This site is not endorsed by Sports Interactive or SEGA and is intended for entertainment purposes only. The views expressed on this site are the views of the individual contributors and not those of Sports Interactive or SEGA. The official Football Manager site can be found at [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.] the official Football Manager Live site at [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.] and the official forums can be found at [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]

Sports Interactive, the Sports Interactive logo, in-game generated images and any other Football Manager related items are registered trademarks and/or copyright material owned by Sports Interactive, or their respective trademark and copyright holders.

SEGA and the SEGA logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Corporation. Football Manager, Football Manager Live, Sports Interactive and the Sports Interactive logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Sports Interactive Limited. All rights reserved.

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